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Jowls and issues around the mouth such as upper and lower lips lines, mentolabial creases, marionette, and smile lines start showing up around the age of 40 and keep developing after. Most of them are caused by spasms in orbicularis oris (the circular muscle of the mouth) and multiple muscles that intertwine in it such as muscles that lift the upper lip (F1&F2), zygomaticus muscles, risorius, buccinator, depressors, mentalis muscles, and of course, a group of chewing muscles (superficial masseter, deep masseter, lateral pterygoideus, medial pterygoideus and temporalis muscles). In this course, you will learn super effective techniques to relax those that are in spasm and tone up their antagonist muscles that are sluggish. You will learn the new exercises in just 7 days and will be able to practice them as long as you need to reach your rejuvenating goal.
Plan For Today, exclusive Photodiary and Q-A support features of the app will be helping you throughout your rejuvenation journey.

You are on the right way!
Taking care of the neck will save you a lot of effort in the future dealing with wrinkles on your face, so I added a couple of advanced techniques from +Advance for the Neck as a bonus. In the main Study, you will learn 13 new special advanced techniques for the mouth and jaw which will help you to:
  • Get rid of multiple wrinkles around your mouth;
  • Minimize or erase marionette line lines;
  • Minimize smile lines;
  • Make your lips looking alive as they were in the youth;
  • Make your jaw defined.

Main features:
⭐️ All exercises of the basic Look Younger course with videos and detailed descriptions;
⭐️ Study 13 new advanced rejuvenation techniques for the Mouth and Jaw with videos and detailed descriptions;
⭐️ Practice courses with Plan For Today for 365 days a year;
⭐️ Question-Answer section supports you through your Study and Practice journey;
⭐️⭐️ Photodiary to track your rejuvenation progress, supported by AI for cropping and Age-bot;
⭐️⭐️ Rejuvenation Challenge, share your results to win a money prize, you can participate as many times as you wish while your subscription is active;

+ 2 bonus exercises for your neck from +Advanced for the Neck.
Let's start making your mouth and jaw look as they were in your youth!

You will have a trump card at the Rejuvenation Challenge to win the money prize. Use this opportunity to show better rejuvenation progress than our friends from the Look Younger course.

You can choose a monthly, or yearly plan to save your money. It depends on your rejuvenating plan.
Are you going to stick to the Advanced for the Mouth and Jaw program?
Or you may wish to try other advanced power-up courses for the Forehead and Eyes, for the Mid-face and Eyes or for the Neck.
If you think that your beauty issues are around your mouth and mandible, then I would recommend taking a yearly plan. This way, you will save compared to monthly charges and will have a great opportunity to make your rejuvenation faster, as nothing accelerates it better than in-time fixes of mistakes in the execution of new techniques. This I do online with my students during consultations.
If you think that you will try other power-up courses this year, then a monthly payment subscription is perfect for you.

Monthly payments. $28,99 per month.
Yearly payment (42% discount). $16,6 per month billed yearly: $199 for 365 days. Plus, you will have included 3 one-on-one training (each for 30 minutes) with the author of the course. Just request the meeting in any Question-Answer chats.

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A power-up for the basic "Looking Younger" course

(Power-up courses are available for those who have completed the Study part of the basic Look Younger course)

+Advanced for the Mouth And Jaw