Natural Facelift system
The Golden Key campaign
Get access for 1 year to courses of the FaceLift Naturally app at the very lucrative price.
Limited time offer.
Time left to the end of the campaign
The Golden Key campaign
Get access for 1 year to courses of the FaceLift Naturally app at the very lucrative price.
Limited time offer.
The Natural Rejuvenation app contains courses for natural rejuvenation according to Natural Facelift System. Your rejuvenation journey will start with the basic Look Younger course. After completing the study part of the Look Younger course, you can start any of the advanced power-up courses with deep massages focused on your problematic area:
+Advanced for the Neck,
+Advanced for the Forehead and Eyes,
+Advanced for the Mid-face and Eyes,
+Advanced for the Mouth and Jaw.

Basic Look Younger course is a very powerful program to start a rejuvenation journey, maintain the beauty of your face and prepare it for more advanced techniques targeted at further erasing wrinkles, improving posture and quality of your skin. Most of the results that you can see in the gallery of our students' achievements are after 4 weeks of the basic course. To combat the wrinkles formed and maintained for years, you will need specially designed deep massages that you can find in the advanced power-up courses.

It is up to you how far you will go along the rejuvenation path. We will assist you with the great features of the Natural Rejuvenation app to make your rejuvenation journey comfortable and successful.

Your rejuvenation journey...

...The path for all of our followers begins with the basic "Looking Younger" course. Once you've completed the educational portion of the basic course, you can move on to the advanced techniques for your specific problem.

Depending on the plan you choose, the cost may vary.
If you think you can master all the techniques in 1 month and don't want to rely on the app features to make rejuvenation comfortable, easy and time-saving, then sign up for monthly plans.

The basic course is only $18.99 per month. But if you're serious about rejuvenation and time matters to you, take the annual plan for $16.66 a month ($199.99 one-time payment for the year). The annual plan guarantees you not only support from the author in the Q&A section but also gives you 3 one-on-one sessions with the course author. Or grab the Gold Key for only $49 to unlock the Look Younger course for a year and forget the headache of a subscription.

An even better option is the Gold Key for all courses for a year! Each course costs $199 per year, multiply that by 5 (basic course and 4 advanced courses). The total cost would be $995. Uhh, that's a lot of money... You can buy the Gold Key today for 90% off, for only $99.99!

after the Look Younger course

Features of the app
  • Your rejuvenation plan is always with you
    All materials for study and practice are wrapped up in one mobile application, you do not need to look for the website or be on time for live training with your coach. You do it in your comfortable place when you got time for it. Just open the app and follow to-do-list in the Plan For Today. All videos and descriptions are available any day of your study and practice parts of the course in the Plan For Today section.
  • Unique experience in Photodiary
    Want to know how old you look right now? Check it out with our Age-bot. It is powered by artificial intelligence that determines a person's age by the photograph. It will help you to track your rejuvenating progress. Age-bot works seamlessly, You just need to check the result right below your uploaded photos in Photodiary. Age-bot is available even in the Demo mode.
  • 24/7 support
    Question-Answer section will support you through your study and practice journey. The author of the course will personally answer all your questions related to the system, rejuvenating exercises and techniques. The answer will come within 24 hours. For a more individual approach, it is recommended to take a yearly subscription plan that includes one-on-one online training.
  • Individual approach
    You can ask the author of the NF system any question related to the system, exercises, and techniques in the Question-Answer section and get a reply within 24 hours. If you have something special to discuss and get personal directions from the coach, you can use Consultations with the author. The one-on-one consultations are subject to the charge, the price is variable depending on how busy is the schedule (starting from $50 per 30 minutes session). You can save on them by choosing the yearly plan, which includes 3 such consultations.
  • Unique visual tracking of your rejuvenation
    We created easy to handle collage maker of your images Before and After -Photodiary. It is designed to track your rejuvenation progress. Photodiary is powered by artificial intelligence for perfect cropping of your pictures for the Before and After collage,
  • Activity tracking
    Your activity in the app is tracked by the number of exercises you finished during the day. Some exercises can be done, when you got time, some during your beauty routine set. You are required to opt-in for every exercise that you finished during the day. Stars on the day tabs will show the level of the rejuvenation program completion. It is very helpful when you want to catch up or to feel OK to relax. The stars will show you perfectly if you had previous days intensive or missed something.
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