Natural Facelift system
We are going to use only natural rejuvenation methods. You will do everything with your hands. You may need (optional) some massage oil and a vacuum cup that you can purchase in your local pharmacy, no other devices.
Already after 2 weeks, you will be geared up for rejuvenation practices, and we will assist you with it with the Plan For Today feature during the Practice courses.

Course Description:
The Look Younger course consists of 2 main parts:
Study course - first 14 days of education,
Practice course - all the following days, weeks, months, and years after the Study course
During the Study course, you will learn 33 proven rejuvenation techniques:
⭐ Special lymph drainage techniques;
⭐ Correctional exercises for posture and neck static;
⭐ Facial massages for the whole face;
⭐ Lifting massages for the face;
⭐ Vacuum massage for the face.
Main features:
⭐ 33 exercises with educational videos and detailed descriptions;
⭐ Practice courses with Plan For Today for 365 days a year;
Question-Answer section supports you through your Study and Practice journey;
⭐⭐ Photodiary to track your rejuvenation progress, supported by AI for perfect cropping of your picture for Before and After collage,
⭐⭐ Age-bot is an AI that determines a person's age by the photograph. It will help you to track your rejuvenating progress;
⭐⭐ Rejuvenation Challenge, share your results to win a money prize, you can participate as many times as you wish while your subscription is active;

You will have a great tool to estimate your progress of rejuvenation in the "Photodiary" section. Do monthly checkups in the Photo diary section, and get document proof of your success by downloading a collage with Before and After images.

You will have a great tool to estimate your progress of rejuvenation in the "Photodiary" section. Do monthly checkups in the Photodiary section, and get documented proof of your success by downloading a collage with Before and After images.

$16.6 per month, paid yearly. Total $199 with. Plus, you will get 3 one-on-one pieces of training with the author of the course.
$18.99 per month with monthly payments. 30-day free trial.

If you are here, you probably have already been experiencing some changes on your face caused by aging, such as wrinkles, creases, frown lines, dark eye circles, baggy eyelids or double chin, etc.

Good news! They can all be helped. If you consider the FaceLift system as a fitness program, then you will understand that your result highly depends on the effort you put in.

The other good news for you! Natural Facelift System (NF system) is super cost-effective and time-saving compared to the similar results of plastic surgery or even invasive cosmetic treatments.

There is no recovery period while you practice the NF system, and no time loss for transportation, as you can do it in your comfortable place. If you take the monthly plan, it is wise to start the Advanced power-up course with extra deep massages for your problematic areas. Advanced courses are less expensive.

Regularity is the key to a successful natural rejuvenation. The longer you practice, the further you will get on your rejuvenation journey. Advanced courses include all exercises from the basic Look Younger course, (some basic techniques will be replaced with more advanced ones).

We all have different issues on the face and neck, but the causes are the same for everyone, it differs due to our habits, lifestyle, and genetics. You may have appearing issues similar to those that you can see have developed on your parents' faces and necks, also these issues may be completely different when compared to those found in your peers. We are all different, but the causes are the same. To get rid of your special wrinkles, it is advisable to move on to the advanced power-up course designed for your problematic area once you finish
the educational part of the basic Look Younger course:
+Advanced For The Neck,
+Advanced For The Forehead And Eyes Area,
+Advanced For The Mid-face And Eyes areas,
+Advanced For The Mouth And Jaw Area.

Common causes of aging are the same for all of us, so the basic Look Younger course is focused on resolving them:
- Loss of soft-tissues mobility, as a result of dehydration and lack of movement;
- Distorted posture, neck static position, neck shifted forward;
- Edema, or swelling, of the face and neck;
- Facial muscles spasm that is causing the formation of expression lines and other wrinkles.

In the basic Look Younger course, we focus on:
- Returning mobility to the soft tissues on the face and neck with effective but simple massages.
- Restoring your posture and neck position to its more youthful form by stretching and relaxing the muscles of your neck.
- Lymph drainage to get out the stagnant lymph and promote better lymph circulation. As a result, you will get a slimmer face with healthier skin due to better circulation of fluids. Skin will have rather a healthy color, and the surface of it will be improving as long as you keep practicing.
- Starting basic relaxation massages for your facial muscles, you will have techniques to relax all muscles of your face. For many of us, especially those who are under 35 it may be just enough for the rejuvenation process.

Basic rejuvenation course