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Lymph management

Lymph is one of the essential fluids in our body. It is 96% consists of water. Unlike blood, which has a perpetual pump that moves it around the body, lymph circulates only when your muscles contract... So when you do not move, lymph does not move too. And lymph must move because it is responsible to take the waste out from the cells. If the lymph is stagnating, the waste stays in the intracellular space and poisons your skin. So, rush, acne and pigmentation are very likely to appear.

Imagine that in your town, the service that is responsible for taking the waste out stops working well. Simply because you do not want to PAY them well for their “easy” dirty job. Guys on garbage trucks are not required a diploma from a university or even to finish school. You do not look at them nicely, the wage is low, so one day the guys left for a better paying job and the mayor had to hire some refugees that do not speak your language. Maybe some Afghans, Ukrainians, or Somalis.  They have no other opportunity in your country but to take whatever job to support themselves and their families. They are very nice people and maybe even very educated, but they do not understand a word of the manager. Likewise, they hang out together, doing the job as they think it has to be done. But citizens are in trouble, the garbage is not taken out in time, a lot of it is left around the emptied bins, gets rotten, and rats come to live next to you. Familiar picture? 
And all this happens because citizens do not PAY attention to these services and they do not want to pay much for professional service.

Quite the same happens with Lymph in your body. When you do not PAY attention to it lymph stagnates, hangs out in one place together with your waste, and makes clogs. Makes your face bloated. It becomes roundish but still soft. You think: it is alright, I just gained some weight like everybody. If you still DO NOT PAY attention and connective tissue wrap around the clogs of lymph with waste and make a dense formation called fibrosis. This fibrosis formation also builds up around the nerves, so when you squeeze fibrosis, it may hurt the first time you massage it. 

Just like rats that build their houses in dirty garbage places, they already think that the place belongs to them and want to defend it. ))

And if you still do not PAY attention to the problem, this fibrosis becomes part of your face, making a mask below the derma. Haven't you noticed that old very often people become alike? Just because the process that is happening is the same for everyone. 

What to do to avoid such mask formation? 
  1. Drink enough water. Minimum 2 litter per day. Check the formula in the post called Water Balance.
  2. Drain lymph. You can easily find 2 excellent lymph drainage techniques on my IG page.
  3. And if you want to ruin these fluid build-ups on your face, do facial massages. Some of them you can find on the same page and even more in the basic Look Younger course in the Natural Rejuvenation app. I made this course almost for free. 30 days of trial and then if you do 6 steps you will have it for free for a year. Read the course description. 

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