Natural Facelift system
Mass start training with prizes for best achievements

FLN - FaceLift Naturally system.

The system of natural rejuvenation based on easy exercises and massages. Your hands and regular practice will do the transformation.

What to do
Follow these 7 steps to start your transformation and win your better looking face just in 4 weeks.
  • Download FaceLift Naturally app
    Tap on this link to download FaceLift Naturally app.
  • Join Look Younger course

    Admission will be free for 24 hours from 00:00 EST (GMT-5) to 23:59 22 November 2021. All other time subscription cost is according to the plans.

  • Start the 1st Day of Study
    Read descriptions, watch videos, try exercises
  • Upload your images BEFORE
    Upload your pictures BEFORE to Photodiary as described in the post about it in the 1st day of Study course. See what Agebot thinks about your age. You are going to change this value for lower in few weeks of FLN Practice. Photodiary is a unique tool to track visually your rejuvenation progress.
  • Opt YES to share with others.
    Rejuvenation Challenge is a contest of results of images BEFORE and AFTER. Your pictures should be visible to others if you take part in the Rejuvenation contest. Opt YES (to share images with others) in rules of the Photodiary. You can change this setting later.
  • Turn notifications ON
    Regularity is the key factor for success in natural rejuvenation. Push notifications will help you to schedule your day. 9 minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon for massages, 5 days a week, and 2 days only 9 minutes in the morning is all it takes for FLN practice of Look Younger course. You can set it all in the Menu->Notifications.
Free admission from 00:00 EST (GMT-5) 22 November 2021
About FNL Rejuvenation Challenge
The best way to improve your wellbeing, make your face looking younger without surgery or injections, and make some money on it
Participation fee
Will receive the winner of RC
Who can join
Anyone who uploads his/her pictures BEFORE from 15/11/21 to 15/12/21
28 days
Mass start 22 November 2021
duration 4 weeks
finish 19 December 2021

Who choose the winner?
You and other participants of RC will choose the winner from finalists. Also other users of FLN app can vote for finalists results.
Who choose the finalists?
The author of the course Alex Pina will choose the finalists.
When will be the voting day?
The voting will be held from 23/12/21 to 27/12/21

Any limitations?
Free admission is limited to 1000 users
What we will do 4 weeks
It will take you about 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, and on the weekend only 10 minutes.
-1 week-
Posture and lymph drainage
1st week we will be studying techniques to correct posture and neck static, practicing lymph drainage and start with some facial massages.
-2 week-
Facial massages
During the 2nd week, you will learn various types of facial massage, including sculpting and vacuum massage. The practice of lymphatic drainage and posture correction exercises will be continued.
-3 week-
3rd week is dedicated to your FLN practice. We will provide you with a to-do list for each day and support during this period in the Q&A section. This week will be decisive for the winner.
-4 week-
Practice and preparation
Keep practicing basic Look Younger course and prepare your pictures AFTER. Last day of upload your pictures for contest is 19 December 2021. You can take a power-up course for better preparation.